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Water Brass Fittings

Our wide range of water brass fittings are semi push-fit, which eliminates the hassles of threading, welding, or glue connections.


Part# Description
EFW-012-ST 1/2" MIP, Lead-Free Straight
EFW-034-ST 3/4" MIP, Lead-Free Straight
EFW-100-ST 1" MIP, Lead-Free Straight
EFW-114-ST 1-1/4" MIP, Lead-Free Straight
Part# Description
EFW-012-SF 1/2" FIP, Lead-Free Straight
EFW-034-SF 3/4" FIP, Lead-Free Straight
EFW-100-SF 1" FIP, Lead-Free Straight
EFW-114-SF 1-1/4" FIP, Lead-Free Straight
Part# Description
EFW-012-SW 1/2" FIP, Lead-Free Sweat Adapter
EFW-034-SW 3/4" FIP, Lead-Free Sweat Adapter
EFW-100-SW 1" FIP, Lead-Free Sweat Adapter
EFW-114-SW 1-1/4" FIP, Lead-Free Sweat Adapter
Part# Description
EFS-012-ST 1/2" MIP, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-034-ST 3/4" MIP, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-100-ST 1 " MIP, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-114-ST 1-1/4" MIP, Straight Brass Adapter
Part# Description
EFS-012-SF 1/2" FIP, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-034-SF 3/4" FIP, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-100-SF 1 " FIP, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-114-SF 1-1/4" FIP, Straight Brass Adapter
Part# Description
EFS-012-SW 1/2" Sweat, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-034-SW 3/4" Sweat, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-100-SW 1" Sweat, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-114-SW 1-1/4" Sweat, Straight Brass Adapter
Part# Description
EFS-012-CP 1/2" Coupling, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-034-CP 3/4" Coupling, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-100-CP 1" Coupling, Straight Brass Adapter
EFS-114-CP 1-1/4" Coupling, Straight Brass Adapter
Part# Description
EFS-012-EC-CP 1/2" Push-Fit
EFS-034-EC-CP 3/4" Push-Fit
EFS-100-EC-CP 1" Push-Fit
Part# Description
EFS-034-RCP-012 3/4" x 1/2" Reducing Coupling
EFS-100-RCP-012 1" x 1/2" Reducing Coupling
EFS-100-RCP-034 1" x 3/4" Reducing Coupling
Part# Description
EFS-012-EL 1/2" 90° Female Elbow
EFS-034-EL 3/4" 90° Female Elbow
EFS-100-EL 1" 90° Female Elbow
Part# Description
EFS-012-T 1/2" Tee
EFS-034-T 3/4" Tee
EFS-100-T 1" Tee
Part# Description
EFS-034-RT-012 3/4" x 1/2" (T), Reducing Tee
EFS-100-RT-012 1" x 1/2" (T), Reducing Tee
EFS-100-RT-034 1" x 3/4" (T), Reducing Tee
Part# Description
EFS-012-FT1/2" Female Tee
EFS-034-FT3/4" Female Tee
EFS-100-FT1" Female Tee
Part# Description
EFS-034-FRT-0123/4" x 1/2" (T), Reducing Female Tee
EFS-100-FRT-0121" x 1/2" (T), Reducing Female Tee
EFS-100-FRT-0341" x 3/4" (T), Reducing Female Tee
Part# Description Qty/Bag
EFS-IR-0121/2" High Temp. Isolation Ring100
EFS-IR-0343/4" HighTemp. Isolation Ring100
EFS-IR-1001" High Temp. Isolation Ring100
EFS-IR-1141-1/4" High Temp. Isolation Ring100
Part# Description Qty/Bag
EFW-IR-0121/2" Isolation Ring100
EFW-IR-0343/4" Isolation Ring100
EFW-IR-1001" Isolation Ring100
EFW-IR-1141-1/4" Isolation Ring100
Part# Description Qty/Bag
EFM-IR-0121/2" High Temp. Stainless Steel Isolation Ring100
EFM-IR-0343/4" HighTemp. Stainless Steel Isolation Ring100
EFM-IR-1001" High Temp. Stainless Steel Isolation Ring100
EFM-IR-1141-1/4" High Temp. Stainless Steel Isolation Ring100
Part# Description Qty/Bag
EFW-SR-0121/2" Sealing Ring100
EFW-SR-0343/4" Sealing Ring100
EFW-SR-1001" Sealing Ring100
EFW-SR-1141-1/4" Sealing Ring100
Part# Description Qty/Bag
EFS-SR-0121/2" High Temp. Sealing Ring100
EFS-SR-0343/4" High Temp. Sealing Ring100
EFS-SR-1001" High Temp. Sealing Ring100
EFS-SR-1141-1/4" High Temp. Sealing Ring100
Part# Description
EFW-BVF-0121/2" FIP
EFW-BVF-0343/4" FIP
Part# Description
EFW-BVM-0121/2" MIP
EFW-BVM-0343/4" MIP

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  • IAPMO/ UPC Certified
  • NSF 61 Compliant
  • NSF 372 Compliant : Lead-Free


Body/ NutBrass UNS C 37700 (ASTM DS-561)
Lead-Free Body NutBrass UNS C 46500 (ASTM B171)
Sealing RingSilicone
Isolation RingRing Nylon 66

Technical Data

Sizes1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"
Rated Working Pressure147 psi
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