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Gas CSST Piping Tools

When installing our gas CSST piping system, you’ll only need standard, commonly used tools, such as a tube cutter. There’s zero need for expensive, bulky, and hard to use tools or equipment.


Part# Description Qty/Box
EF-Cutter-32CSST Cutter, up to 5-32mm (1-1/4")10
EF-Cutter-50CSST Cutter, up to 6-50mm (2")10
EF-Cutter-70CSST Cutter, up to 7-70mm (2-3/4")10
Part# Description Qty/Box
EF-JT-StripperTube Jacket Stripper, 3/8" to 2"10
Part# Description Qty/Box
EW-PP-CutterPlastic Pipe Cutter, up to 1"20
Part# Description Qty/Box
EFW-WB-0383/8" CSST Mounting Bracket50
EFW-WB-0121/2" CSST Mounting Bracket50
EFW-WB-0343/4" CSST Mounting Bracket50
EFW-WB-1001" CSST Mounting Bracket50
EFW-WB-1141-1/4" CSST Mounting Bracket50
EFW-WB-1121-1/2" CSST Mounting Bracket50
EFW-WB-2002" CSST Mounting Bracket50
Part# Description Qty/Box
EF-TP-WH-012-5201/2" x 520" x 0.0035", White100
EF-TP-YE-012-5201/2" x 520" x 0.0035", Yellow100
EF-TP-WH-034-5203/4" x 520" x 0.0035", White100
EF-TP-YE-034-5203/4" x 520" x 0.0035", Yellow100

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Flyer CSST Piping Product
Flyer CSST Piping Product

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