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Easyflex carries a wide range of brackets and accessories for our flexible sprinkler hoses.


Part# Description
RDL 12 Reducer 1/2" × 6" TXT (MXF)
RDL 34 Reducer 3/4" × 6" TXT (MXF)
LRDS 12 Elbow Reducer Short
LRDS 34 Elbow Reducer Short
LRDL 12 Elbow Reducer Long
LRDL 34 Elbow Reducer Long
RD 127 7" Reducer
RD 347 7" Reducer
RD 128 8" Reducer
RD 348 8" Reducer
RD 129 9" Reducer
RD 349 9" Reducer
NP 1 Nipple 1" x 2-3/8"
SQ25 25" Stock Bar
SQ50 50" Stock Bar
Part# Description
SSB Snap Clamp Center Bracket For Stock Bar
OSSB Open Gate Snap Center Bracket for Stock Bar
OSSBW Open Gate Snap Side WallBracket for Stock Bar
OSSBJ Open Gate Bracket With Mounting Threaded Rod
TBS Snap On T-Bar End Bracket (for recessed or concealed heads)
HCB Hat Furring Channel End Bracket
MSB Metal Stud End Bracket
WSB Wood Beam Stud End Bracket
OTBS-PA Pre-assembled 24" or 48"
TBS-PA Pre-assembled 24" or 48"
OGSB-02 Open Gate Snap System Bracket
Part# Description
GR EPDM Gasket
Part# Description
PR Nylon Isolation Ring

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