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Fire Sprinkler contractors have been installing schedule 40 pipes for many years. As a corrugated stainless-steel specialist, Easyflex has taken a new approach in the sprinkler system. We initially have provided flexible sprinkler connections as a better seismic solution. However, it has more advantages than that. Since sprinklers are normally installed towards the end of the construction, flexible sprinkler connection has solved the unexpected challenges.

EASYFLEX Flexible Sprinkler Connection System:

  • Hose Type: Unbraided, Braided, Braided High Performance, Braided Ultra Performance
  • Hose Length: 2’ ~ 6’
  • Bracket Type: T-Bar, Hat Channel, Metal Studs, Wood Beam, Sidewall Applications

More Features and Benefits:

  • 100% Factory tested for leakage and pressure
  • Pre-assembled, ready-to-use out of box
  • OGSB: Patented one piece T-bar bracket - No fabrication / Planning in advance necessary
  • Best solution for center of tile
  • No shutting down and draining of system necessary for relocations
  • Less material handling compared to hard pipes
  • Reduced labor, faster job completion, overall cost saving to the project

*Complying with IBC (Section 1621)/ ASCE 7 ( &, the flexible sprinkler connections are seismically qualified and can be an alternative solution to install without seismic escutcheons.

*Per 2013 NFPA 13 Section, NO hangers are required for flexible drops as long as the length does not exceed 6ft.

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